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Mahmood Textile Mills Limited (the Company) was incorporated in Pakistan on February 25, 1970 as a Public Company and its shares are quoted on Pakistan Stock Exchange (formerly Karachi Stock Exchange KSE). The Company is principally engaged in manufacture and sale of yarn, grey cloth and generation of electricity. The registered office of the Company is situated at Multan whereas the mills are located at District Muzaffargarh, Industrial Estate Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan Division, Punjab.

Code of Corporate Governance Regulations, 2017

Investors Complaint.

Please contact following officer in case of any complaint:

Company Secretary

Mr. Liaqat Ali Daula (Company Secretary)
E-Mail : liaqat.cs@mahmoodgroup.com
Contact No. : +9261 111 181 181 Ext : 1310

About Us

Mahmmod Group started business in 1935, by setting up a tanning unit and we have since enolved into a business empire. An empire that comprise of cotton growing to finished apparel, tanneries, real estate and food industries. we have customers all over the globe and annual turnover of Us $ 500 million... Read More


Contact Info

Mahmood Textile Mills Limited, Mehr Manzil O/S Lohari Gate, P.O. Box No. 28 Multan , Pakistan

Phone: +92 61 111-181-181
Email : info@mahmoodgroup.com